Monday, May 18, 2009

Bio diesel Energy

Biodiesel energy as alternative energy resource can be converted to more useful forms of energy to produce what is known as biodiesel power. The main use of biodiesel power is to power diesel vehicles for their efficient working.

From being an almost unknown and not so popular source of energy, biodiesel power has now become a mainstream energy source that can be used for various purposes. The future of biodiesel power resources is very bright because biodiesel power resources can be used to solve hundreds of problems related to energy needs and those faced and created by the petroleum industry.

The use of biodiesel power resources is expected to increase by a huge percentage because they promise a cleaner, greener and peaceful world. These resources as green renewable energy sources help in reducing the green house effect. Biodiesel power resources are non biodegradable and non toxic and so do not affect the environment adversely. They offer energy independence and ensure sustainable growth. Biodiesel power resources are efficient and reliable energy sources that can be used cost effectively.

Biodiesel power resources
can be produced to meet the growing demands of fuel all over the world. The use of these resources is the best alternative to meet the energy demands because of the increasing prices of fuels and their depleting reserves. The production of biodiesel power is an expensive process but the benefits it offers usually overshadow the costs incurred in producing it. Biodiesel power resources can safely be called the need of the future.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The future of alternative power

Alternative power can be generated from renewable sources of energy. Alternative power is available as solar power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal power and hydro electric power. All these can be put to a number of uses. Alternative power provides a significant percentage of the world’s total power supply.

It is said that the future belongs to alternative power. There are several reasons for this. An important reason is the fact that the amount of fossil fuels that are currently being used for power generation is decreasing day by day. The prices of these sources are also on a rise. Alternative power is supposed to power the future generations in both developed and developing nations.

Alternative power
is a renewable source of power that can be replenished easily. It can be easily and conveniently generated from sources available in the nature. Alternative power does not affect the environment adversely and is also non- polluting. It can be used for sustainable development.

Solar power has become a widely utilized source of alternative power and in the future is expected to power vehicles and homes. Similarly, wind power is also going to power cars in the future and also meet the increasing power needs of the whole world.

It is also believed that the use of geothermal power in the future can provide power for the whole world and thus help to reduce or almost eliminate the electricity bills and the dependence on fossil fuels.

Although, alternative power in the future is going to cost more but its benefits will overshadow its costs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy provided by the most commonly known alternative energy source, the sun. It can be obtained in the form of heat or light and so also be classified as thermal energy and electric energy. As green renewable energy from the sun, solar energy is present in fossil fuels and in the remains of dead plants and animals. Renewable solar energy is also used by plants to prepare their food through the process of photosynthesis. This energy source is also freely available for the purpose of growing food and keeping our bodies warm

When used as thermal energy, solar energy provides heat that can be used to generate electricity and heat water. A number of innovative technologies have been developed through which solar energy can be used to generate electricity. Solar pool heaters use the alternative energy store of the sun to keep water in pools warm. Heat energy can be used directly by solar towers to generate electricity.

Passive and active techniques can be used to heat water by using the energy available in the form of renewable solar energy. When passive heating technique is used water is preheated by the sun’s rays and then used in a conventional water heater for heating purposes. In the active heating technique by using solar energy, a heating element is used in solar hot water systems.

Renewable solar energy can be used in solar cells to generate electric energy that can be used for a number of purposes. Solar energy is a cost effective and renewable energy source for generating electricity.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alternative sources of energy

Alternative sources of energy are the sources of energy that are not produced form burning fossil fuels. Alternative energy has no polluting affects and is freely available for use.

The various sources of alternative energy include

Solar energy- It is the alternative energy that is obtained from the sun. Solar energy is available in the form of heat and light. This source of alternative energy can be used for generating electricity, heat water, keep buildings warm and to cook food. Solar energy can be harnessed using devices like solar cells, solar panels etc.

Bio diesel- These are clean, biodegradable and non toxic fuels that can be used as an alternative energy source. They can be used effectively in place of diesel for running diesel vehicles.

Wind energy- The kinetic energy of the wind is called wind energy. It can be harnessed using wind turbines. The wind energy can be used to generate electricity, for sailing, for pumping water and for grinding grains.

Geothermal energy- The energy found in the interior of the earth is called geothermal energy. It is an alternative energy source that is clean and reliable. It is mainly used for generating electricity.

Tidal energy- The energy possessed by tides is called tidal energy. It is an alternative energy source whose main use is the generation of electricity.

The main problem that is encountered in the use of alternative energy sources is the cost of harnessing. Techniques need to be developed that reduce these costs so that alternative energy sources can be easily used.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Geothermal Power Systems

The earth beneath us contains a large amount of energy in the form of heat. This energy is called geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is used to generate geothermal power to provide a large amount of electricity. The production of electricity from geothermal energy is an efficient and powerful method.

The main use of geothermal power is to provide electricity. However, geothermal power systems provide heating and cooling of a building.

The most commonly used geothermal power systems are geothermal ground source heat pumps. These heat pumps penetrate to only the first few meters below the earth’s surface to harness geothermal energy. These systems use the heated ground water to keep the buildings warm in winters when the earth is used as a heat source and cool in summers when the earth is used as a heat sink.

Geothermal power systems can be used in any location where geothermal energy can be found and harnessed easily. The ground source heat pumps can have either one loop or two loops. In a single loop system, heat is exchanged directly with the ground. In a double loop system, heat is exchanged with a secondary loop and then with the ground.

Geothermal power systems are very costly to be installed. However, the efficiency of these systems overtakes the costs of installation of such systems.

Geothermal power
can be used in geothermal power systems either to generate electricity or to heat and cool buildings. In both cases, geothermal power offers the best and the most convenient way for doing so.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Traditional and alternative sources of energy- A Comparison

It is a well recognised fact that the development and utilisation of alternative energy sources along with traditional or conventional sources of energy is necessary to meet the growing demands of energy in urban and rural areas of both developed and developing nations.

Conventional sources of energy are coal, petroleum and natural gas. The alternative sources of energy are solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, thunder bolt energy etc.

Comparison of conventional and alternative sources of energy:

Conventional sources of energy like coal and petroleum are exhaustible whereas the alternative energy resources are renewable and cannot come to an end.

Most alternative sources of energy are non-polluting as compared to traditional sources of energy that cause a lot of pollution.

Traditional sources of energy are centralised i.e. they are produced or are available at a central location from which they are distributed. They are not available everywhere. On the other hand, alternative energy sources are decentralised and are available for use in far flung and remote areas.

Alternative sources of energy are cheaper as compared to the traditional sources of energy. Also electricity can be generated from alternative energy resource at low costs whereas the production of electricity from traditional sources is very expensive.

The alternative energy companies use alternative energy sources which are readily and easily available as opposed to traditional sources of energy that are not easily available.

Because of the demerits of traditional sources of energy, alternative sources of energy have been developed. These sources of energy can be put to various uses and are very beneficial.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How alternative power works

Alternative power has been in use for several years. Alternative power was used in earlier times for the generation of electricity, grinding grains and to operate saw mills. However, alternative power as a source of energy was not completely developed and its potential was not realised. Today, however, alternative power is an important source of energy that can be put to several uses.

Alternative power works with running water in the form of hydro electricity. A dam is used to control the amount of water that can flow. This flowing water drives a turbine that is connected to a generator. The running turbine starts the generator that produces electricity.

When alternative power is used with sun, it is called solar power. Solar power can be used for heating water or keep buildings or homes warm. Solar power can also be used to generate electricity. It can also be used in devices like calculators, watches, cells etc.

The working of alternative power with wind is called wind power. When wind blows, the kinetic energy of the wind is used to rotate the blades of turbines. This movement results in running of turbines inside generators to produce electricity.

With tides, alternative power is called tidal power. When tides rise, water is collected and later used to rotate turbines. The turbines generate electricity which can be put to a number of uses.

Alternative power
is becoming more and more popular as it is environment friendly and keeps the water and air clean and pollution free.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Geothermal Power Technologies

The earth’s interior is very hot because of the heat generated by the decay of radioactive particles. The heat so generated is used as an energy source called geothermal power. Geothermal power can be harnessed by either drilling the earth’s surface or by collecting hot water or steam in a geothermal reservoir.

The various geothermal power technologies used are:

1. Binary cycle power plants- In these, hot geothermal water is used to vaporize another fluid with a much lower boiling point. The vapor so formed drives turbines to generate electricity.
2. Enhanced geothermal systems- In these systems, wells are dug to the depth of hot rocks. A fluid is then heated from these hot rocks and is used to generate power.
3. Dry steam plants- These plants use geothermal steam to run turbines for the purpose of generating electricity.
4. Flash steam plants- In these plants, high pressure hot water are collected in low pressure tanks. The conversion of hot water into steam causes the turbines to rotate and generate electricity.
5. Direct Heat- Hot water near the earth’s surface is piped to keep buildings heated. This hot water can also be used to grow plants in a greenhouse, dehydrate onions, pasteurize milk and for fish farming.
6. District heating- These systems use hot water for heating buildings in communities.
7. Geothermal heat pump- The temperature at the upper ten feet of the earth’s surface is constant. Geothermal heat pumps are installed in buildings and consist of water pipes and heat exchangers. These are used to keep buildings warm in winters and cool in summers.

The geothermal power technologies help in the optimal utilization of geothermal power.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alternative Energy

Non-renewable resources of energy can be collapsed any time but thanks to Alternative Energy Resources that they will never fall short of. One of the most commendable things in using Alternative Energy resources is that we will be saving fossil fuels to a great extent. Alternative Energy is a safe option for us as traditional resources of energy have a tendency to create pollution in the environment. Today the problem of global warming are faced by us, it is all due to excessive use of fossil fuels. Alternative Energy is a remedy to all this as this energy creates no pollution in the atmosphere. Alternative Energy is highly renewable so the resources of this energy can be restocked.

Different meetings on deteriorating quality of environment are held from time to time, scientists offer various suggestions in these meetings. Scientists have known this thing that Alternative Energy has great future ahead, and this is the main reason that they give more stress on using Alternative Energy Resources. Solar Energy is a form of Alternative Energy and through this energy one gets energy for performing various operations. Photovoltaic batteries are used for converting solar into that form which makes sense to human beings. Wind Energy is also a form of Alternative Energy and this energy is used to produce electricity. One can promise a great environment to future generations as Alternative Energy is only option left to protect the environment. So, Alternative Energy is a green energy that promises clean environment to future generations.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Biodiesel power

By considering the ever increasing energy crisis, it has become utmost important to find out some important alternative sources of energy to meet with our energy requirements.Biodiesel energy is one of such alternative invented by human kind and is relatively inexpensive as compared to other energy sources like natural oil and petroleum. It also boosts up our economy as well.

Biodiesel is completely a new technology that does not come from crude oil but is produced by using natural sources and vegetables oils. The vehicles that make use of other traditional fuel emit stinky and black smoke that affects our health and environment badly. While the smoke emitted by those vehicles using biodiesel as fuel is indeed clean comparatively.

This biodiesel power is relatively cheap and can be easily manufactured in your backyard, so there is no need to go to gas station anymore. A Cetane number is associated with this fuel that measures the total ignition of fuel, thus helps to improve the performance of vehicle. The power output of your vehicle is least affected by this biodiesel fuel due to its more lubrication. Thus, it ensures greatly the longer life of engine of your vehicle.

The biodiesel power produced in the vicinity is cost effective. Unlike other fuels, there is no need to pay taxes or tariffs to the nations from which petroleum diesel and oil are exported. Every country can product it locally.

Biodiesel power is definitely a viable fuel substitute. Furthermore, it is enough sustainable that not only keeps our environment free from all poisonous elements like lead or arsenic, but also ensure wellbeing of people residing around.